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Log Entry;

"It's been close to two years since transformation and re-location to this empty city. Even till today I'm still adjusting to my new state along with the vast powers as well. With the help of some powerful friends, I'm learning how to control all these new abilities. Fortunately my current location allows me to train in complete safety and without restraint. Considering this large city has been deserted for at least thirty or more years, I believe.

The reason for tonight's early entry is due to the fact it's raining heavily outside. Ironically enough the bad weather reminds me of the night my life was ripped apart. Where my happiness was violently torn away from me and my startling transformation began. Despite all the gifts and powers I've gained since then I've learned it does have limits. Since today's a wash out, there's no harm in reflecting on the events that brought me here."

(One year, six and a half months ago.)

As I lay in bed asleep even at ten o'clock in the morning until my phone rang. Turning towards where my phone was sitting within arms reach on my nightstand. Grabbing it off its resting place then glanced at the caller ID on the display screen. Seeing who it was I quickly flipped the phone open then put the speaker to my ear. "Good, morning sleepyhead mind getting up to spend some quality time with me?" Gina asked.

"Well, that all depends on how you'd like me to spoil you rotten today." I replied sitting up. She laughed warmly and told me exactly where she'd be waiting then hung up. Not wasting another second I jumped out of bed then went into the bathroom. As I turned the shower on I still trying to understand how I earned her attention. Of course her parents are pissed about their daughter dating someone like me.

Her family consists of pure Border Collies and enforced such a standard. When it came to me, her folks believe that I shouldn't be anywhere near Gina. To be perfectly honest with you my only concern was making sure she's happy. I'll stop at nothing to see to it, that Gina gets what ever her little heart wants or needs. Despite the fact her parents attempts to stop me from dating their lovely golden child.

As I scrubbed my thick furred body completely, before moving onto my tail. Afterwards I rinsed myself off then wondered how I could drive my love crazy. I do find it a little strange that for the past three days we've been with each other. Granted I didn't mind, she's the best thing to ever happen to me since leaving home. In any case I needed to get out of here and find some decent clothes to wear today.

Upon exiting the bathroom the first place after entering my room was my closet. As I opened the door I sifted through the various clothes I had hanging inside. It didn't take me long to pick something out and put it on then I went downstairs. Next I grabbed my wallet, phone and keys then went outside onto the porch. After locking the front door, retrieve my phone again then called Gina's cell phone.

When she didn't answer I got a text message saying she's at the coffee shop. Fortunately it was a short twenty minute walk up the street from my little home. Due to the face that I'm currently in-between jobs and can't afford a car presently. By the time I walk through the door I should be fully awake and hungry as well. Twenty minutes later I entered the coffee shop, Gina was waiting patiently in line for me.

"Well you certainly took your time getting here bushy butt." She teased. As she gave me a hug I rolled my eye then gave her forehead a warm kiss. Making her tail wagged happily behind her as the line ahead of us moved ahead some. "Baby, I don't mean to bring this up again but, any luck with your visions?" She asked. Taking a few moments to find the right words to say but, in the end I shook my head no.

"Perhaps, it's time you should consult someone that knows lot about dreams. Baby, you really need to get a decent night's sleep cause you look like hell love." She replied. I chuckled a little while the line front of us began moving forward. "Nova, what's going on inside that tiny scatter brain of yours?" She questioned. At that very moment I looked at her then smiled innocently and hugged her again.

Naturally that didn't win me any points as she reached up and grabbed my ear. She tugged on it firmly, causing me to laugh as she pulled me closer to her face. Of course our little scene gained the attention of the patrons walking around. I leaned forward a little then licked her nose and smiled, making her glare at me. "You know what, Nova I give up trying to figure you out." She remarked rolling her eyes.

"Would you prefer that I be predictable and pure blooded instead, Gina?" I asked. Before she could reply the last few people moved letting us approach the counter. I allowed Gina order first while I debated about whether about what I wanted. After she ordered her drink, I grabbed a bottle of juice from the nearby fridge. Next I reached into my back pocket retrieved my wallet then paid for our drinks.

From there we left the coffee shop then looked up at the partly cloudy sky. Judging from the temp and the breeze I could sense a storm was on its way here. "Umm, not to burst your little bubble but, what's up?" She asked waving her hand. Motioning up with my nose towards the sky then I took a long inhale of the air. Gina already knew I was scenting the air wondering what the weather was planning.

"Judging from what I smell and sense going on around me, it's gonna rain. Not exactly sure when but, rain is definitely on the way sometime today or tomorrow." I replied. Gina took a sip of her drink first then took a sniff as well before commenting. "One of these days you're gonna have to teach me how you do that." She stated. Laughing softly as I unscrewed the cap of my drink and took a swig from the bottle.

Sadly our wonderful little moment was suddenly disturbed by a relative of her's. "There you are sister dad has been trying to call you since you left the house. So he asked me to track you down and tell you to call him at home right away. He also said that if you were with Nova, I was to bring you back to the house instead." Henry said. The instant Gina looked away he quickly slammed his foot down onto my tail.

Naturally I bit my tongue while he enjoyed grinding it into the concrete sidewalk. The moment Gina turned around he removed his foot then stepped away from me. Before I knew what happened next, Gina whirled to the right then Henry hit the ground. "Next time you think about trying something behind my back big brother. Make, DAMN, sure that I can't see you out of the corner of my eye." She snapped angrily.

As he went to get stand back on his feet Gina, slammed her own foot onto his tail. Causing her older brother to grunt in pain as she put her full weight upon it. Henry really howled in pain and quickly apologized then she removed her foot. "Tell, Dad I'll call him when I decide to and certainly not a moment sooner. If he's got a problem with that then he can kiss my cute fluffy ass." She remarked scowling.

He nodded while stepping away from her then shot me a look before leaving. "I swear regardless of who my friends are my folks just instantly dislike them. To make matters worse when I agreed to be your girlfriend they got pissed off." She stated. Listening to her rant and rave made me smile especially when I'm not the target. "Any thoughts, concerns or smart ass remarks you'd like to share?" She wondered.

"Gina, you of all people know where I stand when it concerns your family. Like I've said before under no circumstances are you obliged to stay my girlfriend. If you do find somebody better, all I ask is that you tell me before breaking it off." I stated. She looked at me questioningly for a moment, smiled then hugged me. From there we made our way towards the largest park near the center of the city.

We spent a few hours walking around the many bike paths before taking a break. As she sat down on a bench near a massive multi platform jungle gym and swings. Getting a weird idea I bent over then scooped her up and over my shoulder suddenly. Gina instantly squealed in surprise as I carried her over to the swing sets. Placing her gently onto the seat then walking around behind her and gave her a soft push.

Unfortunately our moment would be ruined yet, again when my senses pinged. Snapping my head to the left where I saw Gina's father, Vincent walking towards us. My first reaction was a snarl as he approached then my eyes glazed over. As the light got brighter this strange breeze kicked up, causing Gina to look at me. Noticing the faint purple glow emitting from them and she said something about it.

"UMM! Please tell me that your eyes aren't glowing this strange purple color?" She asked. Upon hearing her voice it snapped me out of what ever trance I put myself in. Looking right at her with the look of utter confusion written all over my face. Before I could reply her father grabbed me by the shirt and jerked me backwards. "Daddy, what in the hell are you doing, let him go, NOW!" Gina barked defensively.

He didn't even flinch as she shouted then he violently threw me to the ground. That didn't win him any favors when from out of nowhere, Gina punched him. Sending him stumbling sideways a few steps, leaving him stunned beyond words. Much to his great shock Gina was nowhere near done chewing him a new ass. While she yelled, cussed and threatened him I got back onto my feet during her tirade.

By the time she finished getting everything off her chest got she moved back. Vincent merely rubbed the spot she struck him while acting unphased by it all. Suddenly his hand lashed out then grabbed her wrist rather tight, making her yelp. Of course that fueled my anger as I stormed right toward him ready for a fight. Though this time around Vincent was more than ready for me as his leg swung out.

His knee buried itself hard into my kidney, knocking the air out of my lungs. Dropping me to my knees but, he didn't count on my ability to recover quickly. When I rose back to my feet Vincent had almost forgot about my childhood. Before Vincent could defend himself my hand lashed out and grabbed his chin. With one fluid motion I lifted the two hundred pound man up then slammed him down.

Knocking the older canine male out cold upon impact for at least three hours. "Before you ask Gina, he's still breathing though he won't be awake anytime soon. Please call your mother to come collect her asshole of a husband." I replied glaring at him. Nodding softly she reached into her pocket and grabbed out her cell phone. Thirty minutes later her mother's car arrived then Sadie and Henry exited the vehicle.

Henry was the first of the pair to rush over to where Vincent was resting. "Henry, take your father back to the car, before you wind up joining him." Sadie ordered. He leered at his mother for a moment then snorted but, did as he was told. When Sadie looked at us she noticed I was wrapping Gina wrist in a clean rag. The sole person in Gina's large family that liked and understood me was Sadie.

"Nova, Gina are the both of you alright?' She asked hugging our necks. I nodded softly, while Gina wanted to know what in the hell her father was thinking. "Baby, I honestly don't know anymore it's like he won't stop until you're gone or worse. Sorry, Nova I didn't mean to share such a bleak prospective but, that's how I see this." She replied. Smiling first before telling her that I expected no less of the bastard.

From there I told Gina that she should go home with her mother this one time. Of course that didn't go over well but, with Sadie's help we convinced her. She agreed but, certainly under protest as the two walked towards Sadie's car. Watching her car drive out of sight I took my sweet time going back home. By the time I finally got there Gina was waiting patiently for me on the staircase.

Judging from the look I was receiving as I walked up the stairs wasn't pleasant. "Nova, as much as I do love you there are days I want to strangle your ass." She growled. Not bothering to say anything I simply helped Gina up then unlocked the door. Allowing her to enter my place first then closing the door behind us. From there I asked her if there was anything I could get for her from the kitchen.

"No thanks just sit down and snuggle with me on the couch." She replied holding my hand. She led me over to the couch, where I sat down first then she sat down on my lap. Wrapping my arms around her waist as she leaned back and nuzzled under my chin. Gina had already grabbed the TV remote off the table and turned the device on. Fishing through the channels trying to find something, I nibbled on her ear.

Making her giggle the entire time she's trying to surf the few channels I had. She reached up behind her and affectionately scratched the underside of my chin. "Gina, mind sharing why you do that to me when we're alone like this?" I wondered. All she did was lean up to give my chin a playful nip then gave my muzzle a lick. I held her a little tighter in my arms as she found something we'd enjoy watching.

When the program went to a commercial I decided to have a little bit of fun. "Tickle my sides mister and I promise you, you'll be talking/singing in a higher octave." She warned. Of course I started laughing until she poked me hard in the ribs with her thumb. Tickling her sides in revenge making her curl up into a ball and squeal hysterically. Luckily for her I didn't keep it up for very long in case she had an accident.

It certainly didn't spare me the evil glare I received many times in the past. Especially when ever I pull a stunt like this one or upon making a smart ass comment. As she stretched out on my lap, next she changed position and laid back down. This time around she pressed her chest against mine then snuggled under my chin. Wrapping my arms loosely around her waist just as the commercials came to an end.

After a while we drifted off to sleep holding each other then my house phone rang. Yawning loudly which accidentally woke Gina from her nice nap as I went to grab it. Sadly by the time I did my answering machine picked up and was followed by. "GINA, YOU'VE GOT TEN MINUTES TO GET YOUR ASS HOME. BEFORE I GO OVER THERE AND DRAG YOU BACK MYSELF." The message stated.

She crawled off me, stretched her muscles then grabbed my house phone. Dialing her home number a short time later and I went into the kitchen for something. Mainly to give Gina some privacy while she dealt with her asshole of a father. I had to admit that was ballsy of him to actually call the house instead of her cell. While inside the kitchen I over heard the rather heated argument in the other room.

Followed by her hanging up and saying a long stream of creative swears. Taking that as my cue to walk back into the room and calm Gina back down. Oddly enough when I re-entered the room she was sitting on the couch hunched over. Placing my hands on her shoulders causing her to look back and smile softly. "Love, is there anything I can do to help you feel better, Hmm?" I asked with concern.

"He's having my older sister come by to get me and the rest I won't repeat." She replied. Growling under my breath in response somehow already knew what was said. Quietly grabbing her coat then had her to turn off the TV and walked outside. Instead of waiting for her older sister, Merlle I decided to bring her home myself. The moment we got there and walked up the stairs, was waiting on the front porch.

Before anything else happened I whirled around punched Henry in the snout. Dropping him to the ground like a domino, next I stormed into Vincent's study. The second he went to open his mouth I slammed my hands on his desk and cursed. Sadly my anger got the better of me to the point the entire house shook suddenly. Even the lights inside the house and throughout the entire neighborhood flickered strangely.

To make things stranger my eyes began glowing the same color from before. Followed by this even weirder black aura radiating around my body like a coat. When Gina came into the room everything that transpired in the room vanished quickly. As her father lay cowering on the floor like a frighten child and kissed Gina goodbye. I apologized to Sadie for all my indiscretions that happened because of my presense.

She told me not to worry about it and said to take it easy on the way home. After closing the front door I decided to take the long way home to cool off. Since I had worked myself up great deal and the extra would help me do that. Though I wonder what in the hell came over me after I slugged Henry in the mouth. It felt like such a blur until the moment, Gina entered the room to check on everything.

When I finally got home and locked the door behind me, I made dinner. Afterwards I went up to the small bathroom took a shower then went to sleep. While I slept the same random images and messages plagued me during the night. Early the next morning I woke to the sound of a heavy down pour going on outside. Naturally when I entered my parlor and looked out of the nearest window confirmed it.

For the next five days it rained steadily then on the eve of day six it stopped. Itching to get out of the house I called Gina to see if she wanted a fun distraction. We had talked the other day but, with her dad hovering it was a short conversation. The instant she answered her phone and heard my voice she couldn't wait to go. Seeing as she's one second away from actually killing certain members of her family.

(Present Day)

"OH! Nova, mind bringing your scrawny little ass downstairs please." A female voice said. Lowering my head while rolling my eyes then saved my page and walked out of my room. Upon entering the hallway I saw, Sabrina a tall hyper muscular and busty werewolf. She didn't say anything else as she walked down the hall she asked a simple question. Of course I gave the powerful canine an answer that left her looking at me rather strangely.

To be continued.

Original Artwork done by…
Launa Moon Viander, Sabrina Breckenridge, Lady Azrealle aka Azzy, and Sayber are all owned by,


Names have been altered on purpose to protect the identities of the living and the deceased. Comments are welcome like always but, please keep all negative feedback to yourself. Merely out of respect for those that I've lost recently and over the years, Thank You.

Special Shout Out;

In loving memory of all those that showed me the way whenever I got lost or distracted. I miss all of you horribly but, I know you're still watching over me from above.

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